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Description: Blue Gender is a sci-fi/mecha anime where the main character Yuji is terminally ill and is frozen so that in the future he could be saved. Although upon awakening he is suddenly thown into a future where Humans were forced to leave Earth due to Insectoid beings called "Blue" overrunning Earth. So humans developed a giant space colony called second Earth to flee from the invaders, in hopes of one day reclaiming Earth as their own.


Reason: Blue Gender was originally meant to be broadcasted on Toonami, but then was instead broadcasted on Adult Swim so I think it would fit well in here. I really liked this show because, to me it didn't give off the vibe of 'just another mecha anime'.






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It is a really odd and cool show that I've been looking to rewatch for a long long ass time, definitely agree with having it on here.

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I would love seeing Blue Gender on here, it was one of my favorite shows when it aired on [Adult Swim].  I'm so in favor of this suggestion, it hurts.

No Fun Shogun
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Nah, I don't think it'd fit very well here. It was decent, but I'm not thinking that it would be very popular here. Additionally, if memory serves, the original version of the show has a lot of nudity in several of the episodes, and I'm not sure how comfortable Toon is with that and if that might break what he's allowed to stream or not....


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TA slowly turning into [AS], i dont know if i should approve or dissaprove

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I had the original japanese (subbed) episodes a few years ago.  I remember a scene or two that showed nudity from the back, but G Gundam has that, and it was nothing as blatant as stuff you see in, say,  Ranma (if I recall correctly).  Hell, it was nothing as blatant as what you see in the Ranma opening.

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This was supposed to air on toonami origanaly so take that into consideration. the shows ok

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I'm on the border with this one. It SEEMS ok enough, but I don't really want to take the time to watch a few episodes to see if it has the potential to keep people watching and coming back to TA. The release years seems right ... hmm.


I can stomach this. Hat

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It's really not that interesting. I would call it more of a thriller, and you know how those tend to be...

I can't actually name anything special about the show, not the soundtrack, not the animation, not the story... I have to give credit to a number of the actors but beyond that I wouldn't even call this memorable. If I recall, it wasn't too spectacular when it came to ratings either (compare its amount of reruns to other shows like Outlaw Star, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, et al).


tl;dr It isn't plainly awful, but it isn't great either. I'd prefer to keep the shows that air here up to a certain standard of entertainment and I really don't think this reaches that.

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I'm on the fence on this one the show look's ok but i'm not to sure if i want this show on TA i'll look into consideration. 

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Definitely one of my favorite Anime to watch, would love to see it on the stream.

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