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Star Wars: Clone Wars was one of the more recent animated series to be shown on cartoon network and even though I was born in december of 1992, it has already become a little nostalgic to me. These animated shorts take place inbetween episodes 2 and 3 of the new Star Wars prequels and while the prequels were not well recieved, these shorts brought to Friday night cartoon network what lucas couldn't bring to the big screen in his new depiction of the pre vader era. 


The animation is excellent and the dilagoue is not excessive but used with dramatic timing in order to help the viewer focus on what really matters. As a younger me, I was always deeply invested in to these episodes and perhaps found the true appeal to animated shorts. I highly reccomend this series for reasons covered here, and many more that most people relate to. I feel like the viewers currently watching the stream may not know it by name but will surely be brought back once they see these animated shorts (Not to be with the 3d cgi series currently airing on CN) and watch intently from a already developed or newly formed intrigue.

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Huh, an actually proper format of this suggestion. I say yus. But actually i think we should just play them all together as a movie. Which i am in full support of.

Squids gonna squid.


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Wait wut? I remember someone saying this.


hangingsquid wrote:

Show isn't at least 20mins long, dosen't meet min requirements.




As always, this has my support. It would be cool to run a bunch in a row for like some special or something.


Thx Hazel and Costa

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I would say yes but each episode is about 5 mins even all together it wouldn't be long long compared to an actual movie. But I don't know how long all the episodes in one movie would be, prolly need to check that out.


*Edited* From wat i saw on wiki the first season is each 3 mins and season 2 is 12 mins each episode i guess to in total it would be 120 mins, hmm that works out fine. I say Yes.



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This is a great series, plus the other shows by Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls) are already being shown and enjoyed.

If this can be made to work such as the "movie" idea presented earlier, it would be much appreciated.  I vote yes.



These short animated episodes were far better than any of the live action prequels. 

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I second the idea of it being shown as a movie marathon special sort of thing.  I really did enjoy the series for its presentation.  As far as Star Wars "cannon" goes, that gets a giant meh from me.

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I am in full support of this happening!

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Loved this show, remembered when it stopped airing here, was Forever Sad. Tongue

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Ummm, Hazel, this is page 2. >_>


Thx Hazel and Costa

Hazel Shotgun
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Wow....why didn't I notice that @_@

I fail....






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